One-to-one Art Beat Coaching

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How do you feel when you jump out of bed in the morning?

Does your body realize that there is a dream in you, a mission? Something to be shared with the world around you?

I share that feeling with you.

What are we going to do?

Together we will work on your creative plan, business, or portfolio, a (children’s) book, or another idea. We will convert your one-dimensional dream into a three-dimensional target.

When is it?

When it is mutually convenient.

Where is it?

• Face to face: The Hague or another location (in consultation).
• Via live coaching call (computer or telephone).

Who is it for?  

(Starting-out) creative professionals, or creative entrepreneurs who want to take the next step in their career.

How does that work?  

Do you have a mission, a dream, a passion? Do you want to set up your own creative company and/or take your next steps in your career? Create a book? Put your creative dreams out into the world in a professional way? Set up a new website? Fantastic. I would like to help you with that.

What one-to-one coaching can mean for you:

  1. Marenthe will ask you specific and constructive questions that will help you gain insight and clarity.

  2. You will gain insight into the patterns in which you get stuck, and you will learn how to extricate yourself. 

  3. You will get direction and clarity about where you stand, where you want to go, and what steps are needed.

  4. You will gain focus and clarity

  5. You will start progressing

  6. You will learn how to approach customers

  7. You will develop a portfolio that you can use to get started

  8. You will learn the key to making a good website 

  9. You will make conscious choices and set specific goals

  10. You will learn how to get the most out of your potential

  11. You will face your fears, grow your courage, and you will gain (again) confidence in yourself and your creative future

  12. Together we will realize a clear, step-by-step plan so that you can start upon your exciting journey and make it achievable.

Who is Marenthe?

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After 25 years of experience, Marenthe knows what works and what doesn’t.

Artists face challenges, have doubts and feel discomfort and shame.

The thing here is that you learn to deal with these feelings, which are there to show you that you’re outside your comfort zone. The trick is to break open the barriers and let the magic in.

Marenthe is an entrepreneur, designer and illustrator, and she’s your wake-up call. She has taught at the art academies in Den Bosch and Breda. For ten years she was a partner at the successful design agency Studio ‘t Brandt Weer, and she has supported many talented designers.

She has worked for Flow, Dutch Royal Post, Philips, C&A, Hallmark USA, The Dutch Opera, Museum Corsica (France), Parool newspaper and The Dutch Dance Theatre. She has won (inter)national design prizes and is a happy person, despite having, just like you, a bad day every now and then :-)

She is direct. She gives advice, a compliment, or a shovel. She is your cheerleader and you can ask her (almost) anything.

What does it cost?

You buy a certain number of hours in advance. The more hours you buy, the less you pay per hour. The hours you buy remain valid for two years.

Poster 1-op-1, 1 hrs.jpg

129 euroS

Price includes 21% VAT

Poster 1-op-1, 5 hrs.jpg

499 euro

Price includes 21% VAT / price per hour = 99,80 euros

Poster 1-op-1, 3 hrs.jpg

349 euro

Price includes 21% VAT / price per hour = 116,33 euros

Poster 1-op-1, 10 hrs.jpg

899 euro

Price includes 21% VAT / price per hour = 89,90 euros

Do you have a question or do you doubt whether one-to-one coaching is for you?

Email me!