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The Art Beat Club

A creative academy & business school for artists, designers, makers & creatives


The Warrior of the Light studies the two columns on either side of the door he is trying to open.

One is called Fear and the other is called Desire. The Warrior looks at the column of Fear and on it is written: “You are entering a dangerous, unfamiliar world where everything you have learned up until now will prove useless.”

The Warrior looks at the column of Desire and on it is written: “You are about to leave a familiar world wherein are stored all things you ever wanted and for which you struggled long and hard.”

The warrior smiles because nothing frightens him and nothing holds him. With the confidence of one who knows what he wants, he opens the door.

From: ‘Warrior of the Light’ by Paulo Coëlho



Are you:

  • an artistic adventurer with a mission?

  • a maker who wants to strengthen your creative muscles?

  • a Warrior who wants to create (again) from their heart?

  • a creative person who suffers from doubt or blockades?

  • a beginner who wants to learn how to creatively frolic?

  • a curious professional with creative aspirations?

  • an artist who simply needs an inspiring power boost?

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Would you like to move from:

  • worry to power

  • dilly-dally to focus

  • doubt to confidence

  • squeak to roar

  • head to heart

Then the ‘Art Beat Club’ is for you.


You will learn to:

  1. give yourself a kick up the bum (or Marenthe will do that)

  2. soar out of your comfort zone or slumber state

  3. gain courage and say yes

  4. move forward and break through patterns

  5. change your mindset and germinate

  6. build strength and confidence

  7. choose your deepest desire, your bliss

  8. crack your inner creation code

  9. meet other like-minded creatives

  10. make, enjoy, grow and flourish

  11. become the master of your brilliant brain

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Sign up for our roundup and stay tuned.

Here's what we'll do:

1. offline

  • 1:1 coaching (to be confirmed)

  • group coaching (masterclasses, weekend school, art trips) > check our courses here.

  • on request; for private groups, 1:1 coaching or businesses (in the Netherlands and abroad)

2. online

  • Fifty shades & days of online creative fun, combined with serious cleverness. Starts September 2nd.


The Art Beat Club is just what you need to unlock, develop and grow your creative genius… it’s been there all along!

Embrace the illogical.

Be a (he)art beat hero.

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Who will guide this?

MARENTHE is your 'Creative Captain'. She guides you from A to Z in an inspiring, loving way. She applauds your ideas and she intervenes where necessary. She holds your hand and encourages you.

Marenthe has taught at the Art Academy in Den Bosch and Breda and supervised many creative trainees.

At the end of 2017, she was the teacher of a Flow Masterclass at the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam for about 200 people.


When can I register?

Check our courses here and check our calendar here. Sign up (scroll down) and stay tuned. Don’t miss the boat!


"I have an urgent question..."

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