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Jaw-dropping news!

Marenthe’s TEN eye-catching stamps, designed in collaboration with Dutch Post NL, launch for spring 2017!

Snail mail with a smile

Emotions are (wo)man’s best friend - they make us human. We understand them and empathise.

Ten delightfully designed cute images:
Six colorful hearts with a lovely message.
A blooming flower.
A sparkling house.
A blushing circle.
A happy cup of tea.

We are a nation of people who love receiving snail mail but who also send quick text messages, using powerful emoticons. These expressive faces transcend generations, sex and race.
The Netherlands is a country with 200 nationalities (seriously). So, how do we communicate? The message is clear: we all recognise a smiley. We all know the meaning of a heart or the impact of an sad emoticon.

How it all began :0)

A while back, Marenthe's lovely daughter, Lila Poppy, began sending her messages with faces built from emoticons. The eyes, for example, were 2 footballs, the nose an apple and the mouth a laugh-out-loud banana (or a cloud or teardrop if we were feeling glum). If we were being naughty it could be a chicken for the nose and a monkey for the mouth!

When Post NL approached Marenthe to design 10 special occasion stamps, she thought: 'wow, let’s bring this idea to life! Let’s combine the traditional (snail mail) with the current trend (digital emoticon)'.

Released Spring 2017