The art of journaling

May I tell you a story?

I’ve been doing a lot of art journaling lately.

And I absolutely adore it.

It helps me to relax. It reminds me of being nine and it makes life easy and simple.

Does that sound weird? Or recognizable :)


Why am I telling you this now?

If you don’t want to find yourself, one day, curled up in a ball in a wardrobe, eating chocolate mousse straight out of a pot, you’ll need to set aside time for relaxation. 


In other words: START JOURNALING.

Now here’s what everyone gets wrong about art journaling.

  • we think it’s extremely difficult

  • we think it’s for quirky artists or intelligent writers only

  • we think we need a lot of expensive art supplies

  • we think it will piss us off because we simply can’t make the beautiful stuff we see every day on Pinterest

  • actually, it scares most of us right out of our unicorn pants

So I’ve got a hack for you.

Art journaling is easy & magical, and it makes you feel even better than lying down on a couch and listening to whale sounds. And you DON’T need expensive art supplies.

You can do this and you can learn it.


Hmmmm. That's an interesting one.

Feel free to follow along because I’ll tell you more later.

Now it’s time for something completely different.

Just curious: what REALLY happened today?

Did you:

  • mooch? 

  • draw?

  • go for a walk?

  • gaze?

  • write?

Or was it more like:

  • you got up tired and annoyed (thank God there was coffee)

  • you got into the car yawning and eating

  • you worked

  • you were typing text messages while driving home

  • you went to the supermarket

  • you helped the kids with their homework

  • you phoned your mother-in-law, meanwhile checking your Instagram (admit)

  • you watched Netflix (what else?)

  • you slept

  • repeat

You thought:

Tomorrow I’ll do this differently. Then I will…

  • go to the gym

  • say NO more often

  • grow vegetables

  • buy a hand-stitched notebook 

  • go for a walk in the woods

  • tidy up with Marie Kondo

  • stop eating sweets


Is this you?

Slow down.


It's time for a kick in the ass.

Feeling uncomfortable now?

paardebloem UK.jpg


You are a dandelion. A stem with one hundred and six strands of fluff (those are your ideas).

The wind blows away half of the fluff. Oh noooo. But there are some left. You continue living, dreaming and postponing what you once wanted. (When I grow up, then ...) You can’t and won't choose and you're incredibly busy.

The wind comes again. There are only three strands of fluff left… But… that was not what you wanted.

Welcome to the land of homo ludens: the creative person or artist. Let's be honest. This is about you and me and a thousand others. Most of us have a complicated relationship with fear and doubt and it’s oddly painful. We don’t want to make choices, because when we do, we have to let go of something else. Which idea is the best? What if this idea isn't successful AT ALL? In the end, you don't make the leap. It’s nice and safe not to. 

It's not your fault. 

ALL artists have to deal with that.

The solution? Don't wait until a choice is made for you. YOU CHOOSE. Get started. Work out your chosen idea. Write it down. Draw it. Whatever. When you make yourself do this, everything will get easier. It's a whole different ball game.

And then, before you know it ... something unexpected happens. Something beautiful. You’ll do a happy dance. 

Now it's time for Maria and The Art Beat Peptalk.

bloemen UK.jpg

You're a goddess

Imagine. You have a creative sister (Maria is her name and she draws even better than you). She calls you on a Sunday morning, sighing:

  • I'm so bored and irritated

  • I create ugly things

  • I'm stupid

  • My future is bleak

  • I'm driven by fear

  • I'm so darn jealous of other artists

  • I'm mercilessly uncreative

  • I've stopped growing because it's scary 


What are you going to say? *

☐ Sis, you're right. You’re a hobbyist and the only thing you’re able to do is draw toothbrushes

☐ Sis, you’re so wrong. YOU'RE A GODDESS! Amen.
(Sorry, did my booming voice wake you up?)

* tick the right bo


Give Maria and yourself wings

There is a solution. For both of you. On Saturday 13 & Sunday 14 April The Art Beat Club is organizing a masterclass in art journaling for beginner and advanced artistic adventurers. You'll learn a lot and it's gonna be fun.

Learn how to create an art journal and:

  • change from a boring person into a creative star

  • create new possibilities

  • it will make you feel organized and in control (seriously)

  • get rid of obstacles & doubts 

  • work out your best ideas

  • decide

  • stay jealous of other artists (don’t raise your eyebrow; sometimes it's a good thing)

  • become mercilessly creative

  • become a dare-devil

  • above all: enjoy all this 

Not a world-class artist or feeling stuck? This is for you!

Not a dare-devil? This is for you!

Not completely comfortable about your art? This is for you!

If you'd like to come, we'd love to have you. Spaces are limited.

Click here to register.


You want details? Sure. You can find them here.

So. Now go find your pens. They need you.

And let me know if you have any questions. I'm happy to help.

May the force be with you. Always.