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Marenthe’s Birth stamp | client: Dutch Post NL

Love is contained in this tiny stamp; in it’s creation, in it’s design, in your reason for sending it, in the recipient's smile | client Dutch Post NL

Post NL invited Marenthe to design these beautiful stamps, encouraging people to send thoughtful words and wishes by mail | client: Dutch Post NL

Gift bags | client: Petra Reijrink Jewelry

Dutch writer Corianne Roza asked Marenthe (during her time at Studio 't Brandt Weer with Koen Geurts) to create her corporate identity | client: Rozatekst

Dabble [dab-uh l] verb (used without object), dabbled, dabbling: to play and splash in or as if in water, especially with the hands.

Marenthe played and made a splash with new branding for American writer and poet Rajan Purcell. His duck, whilst busily feeding, creates ripples on his black and white business card | client: Rajan R. Purcell

Erik Verdonck is the 'enfant terrible' of Belgium Fashion. An alternative fashion designer from Antwerp with an understated style and a critical approach to the fashion industry. What happens when two creative worlds collide? Answer: an explosion of unconventional and imaginative images that invigorated a fashion week event | client: Erik Verdonck

Created during Marenthe’s time with Studio 't Brandt Weer in collaboration with Koen Geurts.

• Shortlisted Dutch Design Awards

• Published in 100 Fashion Designers (PHAIDON) and Fashion Unfolding (Victionary Publishers, Hong Kong)

Julius Vermeulen, Dutch Post NL:

'I would describe working with Marenthe as very enjoyable and constructive. She seeks to create the very best. Eventually this leads to a concept where everything is complete - where both the client and the designer are more than enthusiastic about the outcome.

We wanted to surprise our customers with something new (Marenthe’s designs were the first reincarnation of the birth and love stamps for 10 years). The fresh, new designs had a very positive response from the audience. I would certainly highly recommend Marenthe to other clients.'

These stamps were created for the centenary of Nederlandse Mycologische Vereniging (the Dutch Mycological Society) | client Dutch Post NL

•Shortlisted Dutch Design Awards

•Silver European Design Awards

Marenthe’s ten eye-catching stamps, launched for spring 2017 | client: Dutch Post NL

Support the Pink Ribbon campaign and the fight against breast cancer. Contribute to this worthwhile cause and get closer to Marenthe by proudly buying and wearing this cute T shirt. Exclusively in C&A shops | client: Pink Ribbon

Fabs World is an international company selling ethical baby accessories. Marenthe was asked to help build their brand, creating a logo (with Johan Nijhoff) and visuals for their brochures and website. As a result they have grown internationally through press exposure. Marenthe nurtured a fantasy world befitting of the products and market | client: Fabs World