All printed and published. Marenthe is a prolific designer, illustrator and art director for magazines that matter. She climbs inside the client's mind to create the perfect image.



Close your eyes, sit and relax. If you’re stuck, have a peek at Marenthe's illustration in Flow Magazine nr. 6, 2017 for guidance

Inspired by the power of monochrome, Marenthe created six illustrations. Colourless simplicity helps focus the mind on the message and Marenthe's distinctive typography | client: Flow magazine

Life is a game to be played. And play it, we shall. Happinez Germany commissioned Marenthe to create an intriguing and entertaining Game of Life. Players take turns in moving from the outside in to reveal deep thoughts and spiritual wisdom (inside out). Who ever said finding enlightenment couldn't be fun?! | client: Happinez Germany

Marenthe stepped in to the left brain dominated world of science where analysis, objectivity and rationality rule. This visual balances form, colour and subject as well as introducing creativity that could be understood by the audience. This project demonstrates Marenthe’s skill and maturity whist retaining her exuberance | client: Technical University Eindhoven

Carp* was a unique, free magazine aimed at highly educated 25 to 35 year olds. The playful and innovative mixed techniques are part hand-made, part digital. Ruud Lubbers served as Prime Minister of the Netherlands from 1982 until 1994 | client: Carp*

Christmas cover | client: Margriet Magazine

Aquarius | client: Elegance Magazine

Veronique Wertz, creative director of Lotje & Co: 

'Marenthe is an inspiration – for both the magazine I publish and me personally. The way she translates the material is emotionally striking and incredibly special. I have worked with Marenthe now for five years and she consistently manages to touch me with the work she makes for my magazine.'

Lotje en Co is a magazine for parents of disabled children. Marenthe contributes to every edition and approaches the work with sensitivity and care. Believing that great design is for everyone | client: Lotje & Co

All science begins as philosophy and ends as art. Looking through philosophy books, it might sometimes seem like men have dominated the field. But did you know of these brilliant female philosophers? | client: Flow magazine

Don't tell anyone: Elle is THE leading international fashion magazine.

Shhh.... I ask. I believe. I receive. A depiction of what life might look like if one lives The Secret | client: Elle magazine

Sun salutation | client: Flow magazine

Ooh, baby! Marenthe crafts bold images with care and humour to explore themes of child bearing | client: BV Breastfeeding

Nomination Dutch Design Awards

client: BV Breastfeeding

Christmas cover | client: Flow Magazine

Scorpio | client: Elegance Magazine