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About Marenthe...

Welcome to the daring design world of Marenthe. She invites you in to discover her captivating characters, luscious lettering and bonkers botany. Marenthe is an award-winning designer, illustrator, teacher, typographer, concept-maker, adventurer and loving patroness. Her work is radically different and sought after by the sharp and shrewd across the globe. 

Marenthe has a passion for creating and an unquashable desire to share the wonders of nature, love and happiness with the world. She does this from her studio in The Hague, looking out over a beautiful forest visited by animals of the city.

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Powerful stories

'For Happinez Magazine, visual storytelling is just as important as the wisdom we share in words. Marenthe’s art work is layered and full of meaning; it can really complete content, making it beautiful, inspirational and attractive. Her art work is distinctive and yet speaks a universal language: the one that goes straight to the heart.'

Eveline Helmink, Happinez Magazine


'For us, Marenthe is a bit like the Dutch Keri Smith.'

Astrid van der Hulst, Flow Magazine


'I would describe working with Marenthe as very enjoyable and constructive. She seeks to create the very best. Eventually this leads to a concept where everything is complete - where both the client and the designer are more than enthusiastic about the outcome. I would certainly highly recommend Marenthe to other clients.'

Julius Vermeulen, Post NL



'Artistic vision

is having the

clarity to fall

in love with

what you see'

Chögyam Trungpa



Onze Ambassade (Former US-Ambassy)
Lange Voorhout 102 (studio 301)
2514 EJ Den Haag
Big Moments deserve a call:
(+31) (0) 6 31 044 644




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