For the (very) young. Published internationally, Marenthe's illustrations are where fantasy and reality collide. Everything is possible. Dreams are real.



Owl & Pussycat, children's book | self-initiated project

Fabs World is an international company selling ethical baby accessories. Marenthe was asked to help build their brand, creating a logo (with Johan Nijhoff) and visuals for their brochures and website. As a result they have grown internationally through press exposure. Marenthe nurtured a fantasy world befitting of the products and market | client: Fabs World

To illustrate the magazine's horoscope section, Marenthe developed a new generation of culturally reflective fairy tale characters appealing to stylish teenagers. These images were popular and their great originality earned Marenthe a lot of fans.

Elle Girl was the most stylish and fashionable magazine for teens in the Netherlands. Marenthe was asked to contribute on a monthly basis for over a year |client: Elle Girl Holland & Elle Girl Korea

Shortlisted Dutch Design Awards  

Children's book | self-initiated project

Karlijn Henquet, Fabsworld

'It's a pleasure to work with Marenthe. The warmth and cheerfulness of her illustrations is a reflection of her personality … In our assignments Marenthe has had to work with several budget constraints but has always been very proactive in finding solutions that were cost efficient and effective'.

Book cover Izzy Love | client: Luitingh Sijthoff

• Special prize from the Senate of the Dutch Children's Jury 2018, with a compliment for the best cover design

Sometimes, being an artist is a license to go where no one has gone before. One of Lilla Rogers’ commissions in class was to draw vicunas and use these to make a page for a children’s book. YAY! Mix well, add color, and humor, and pop in some great characters. Enjoy these sparky vicuna pages.

Napoleon had many sides to his personality. He was an entirely different man to his mum than to his enemies. This serious subject was brought to life for children through Marenthe’s lighthearted artistic approach. The Musee Corse commissioned six giant playing cards and also sold a mini version | client: Museum Corsica France

Want to illustrate a children's book? Marenthe designed this fun advertisement | client: Fonds BKVB

Wombat illustration | client: Boekie Boekie