Those moments where lettering and image click give Marenthe butterflies in her tummy. Illustrated typography is where magic and the unexpected happen.



Hot off the press... Hallmark USA commissioned Marenthe to create a range of two gorgeous greeting cards. It's something Marenthe has dreamed of for a long time. The cards are for sale globally from New York and Tokyo to Berlin and Montreal. Marenthe is over the moon (and all over the world). They are hot, hot, hot - so don't miss out! | client: Hallmark USA

Inspired by the power of monochrome, Marenthe created six illustrations. Colourless simplicity helps focus the mind on the message and Marenthe's distinctive typography | client: Flow Magazine

Self-initiated projects

Blaffer in street slang means gun. It also translates as 'a person that barks'. Schoon is beautiful. A gutsy self-initiated award winning project that demonstrates Marenthe's ability to work confidently with fonts | client: Schoon of Schijn

• Published in Area 2 (Phaidon Press 2008)

• Shortlisted Type Directors Club Tokyo

• International poster exhibition Shanghai

• Included in the collection of Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Paintings and illustrations in ink for Creative Folk Art & Beyond, published by Quarto / Walter Foster

This highly funky map depicting the coolest restaurants in Amsterdam offers a feast of joy mixed with pretty lettering and fairytale icons. Perfect for food lovers and anybody with an appreciation of beauty | self-initiated project 

Christmas cover | client: Flow Magazine

It's not just the metals that are precious... Marenthe has relished the process of collaborating with Silversmith Christian van Grinsven. Design, concept and text grew simultaneously, each influencing the other. Marenthe and Christian live the poster's message and invite you to too | self-initiated project

Erik Verdonck is the 'enfant terrible' of Belgium Fashion. An alternative fashion designer from Antwerp with an understated style and a critical approach to the fashion industry. What happens when two creative worlds collide? Answer: an explosion of unconventional and imaginative images that invigorated a fashion week event | client: Erik Verdonck

Created during Marenthe’s time with Studio 't Brandt Weer.

• Shortlisted Dutch Design Awards

Published in 100 Fashion Designers (PHAIDON) and Fashion Unfolding (Victionary Publishers, Hong Kong)