Marenthe coaxes her characters out in an exchange - she invites them into our world so they can entice us in to theirs.



These female philosophers allow us to carry concise explanations of great philosophical ideas around with us, so that we can refer to them whenever we are in need of guidance & perspective | client: Flow Holland, International, France and Germany

Martha Nussbaum | Simone Weil | Patricia de Martelaere | Simone de Beauvoir | Hannah Ahrendt

Self-iniated projects

Frida Kahlo | self-iniated project

Marenthe wasn’t great at drawing faces at school (she thought), but sometimes in your life you just have to face things. It was Lilla Rogers who pushed Marenthe further and, guess what: these handsome bearded lumberjacks and Marenthe became lifelong friends. If you’re dedicated and ensure you practice – and you keep putting one foot in front of the other – things come together. Whoop whoop!

There’s a touch of the Middle Ages in this lady. This empress tarot card represents the calm wisdom you need to get through each day. She wants to ignite the awesomeness in you | self-iniated project for Make Art that Sells

Aretha Franklin | self-iniated project

Amy Winehouse | self-iniated project

Marenthe has designed the front cover of a colouring book. The assignment was set at Lilla Rogers' design Bootcamp. Originally asked to draw 1920s hairstyles and faces, the group were then tasked with incorporating their design into a colouring book. (As if the first half of this exercise wasn't fun enough!)

Elizabeth Gilbert says: 'Embrace the glorious mess that you are'. She's right. Self-acceptance tarot card | self-iniated project for Lilla Rogers