Marenthe uses an array of techniques which constantly juxtapose and balance digital with traditional to create intriguing depth in her visuals. She seamlessly integrates text and fonts to give enhanced impact and meaning to your message.



It's not just the metals that are precious... Marenthe has relished the process of collaborating with Silversmith Chris van Grinsven. Design, concept and text grew simultaneously, each influencing the other. Marenthe and Chris live the poster's message and invite you to too | self-iniated project

Gemini, client MoodieZ

MoodieZ summoned the power and asked Marenthe to capture it in print. Depicting a series of positive and strong images of women, the Greek Goddesses lure the viewer into their mystical world. Marenthe fondly recalled Greek lessons at school and decided to incorporate Greek letters into her designs | Aphrodite, client: MoodieZ

Publications often approach Marenthe to generate images as a response to text. Marenthe was commissioned to reinforce messages of chic parenting for the magazine | client: Kek Mama

Libelle was Marenthe's first ever illustration client. Way, way back in 1999 they commissioned her to create something unique for the magazine. Reflecting back to that time, Marenthe remembers long, enjoyable days spent defining and refining her (ever evolving) style. As her client base grew, so did her passion. It's how it all began. Libelle returned to Marenthe, seeking fresh new illustrations to decorate their glossy pages | client: Libelle

Het Parool is an Amsterdam-based daily newspaper. Marenthe was asked to bring humour to an article on the influence of Moroccan Arabic on Dutch street language | client: Parool

Moodiez, the innovative mind-style mag for Dutch youth, featured Marenthe's stunning Roadmap to Life (written by spiritual guru Geertje Couwenbergh) | client: MoodieZ

Marenthe's 12 double-page spreads in Moodiez, the innovative mind-style mag for Dutch youth, include a description of each astrological sign... read yours to see if you're in sync with the stars | Libra, client MoodieZ

Cancer, client MoodieZ

Artemis, client: MoodieZ

Hera, client: MoodieZ

Persephone, client: MoodieZ

Wherever you are in the world... Let Marenthe take your hand and lovingly lead you into her wonderful world of intrigue, graphic and illustrative design | self-iniated project (made in collaboration with silversmith Chris van Grinsven) 

Selected to appear at the prestigious House of Images exhibition in Brussels, Belgium

• The Way of Type began in March 2017 at the Beijing Advertising Museum. The exhibition traveled during the next months to five Chinese cities, including Shanghai. The exhibition was organized by Zhao Liu (Head of the China Central Academy of Fine Arts) with typographer Jan Middendorp from Berlin as curator.

Combining medical science with Marenthe's quirky sense of humour may seem a little controversial, but VUMC were looking for something different. Convinced there's a lighter side to all aspects of life, Marenthe goes on a reconnaissance mission to find it. And almost always does | client: VUMC