Enthusiastic, inspiring and complete. You go home as a happy egg! Delicious.

Joining Marenthe’s Art Beat Club feels like a warm bath.


Did you know that being creative changes your brain chemistry?

Discover the magic of an art journal and come to:

The Art Beat Weekend Lab

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Where & when is it?

Saturday, April 13, 10 am–4 pm, Villa Augustus, Dordrecht
Sunday, April 14, 10 am–5 pm, Marenthe’s studio, centre of The Hague


Art journaling!

What are the costs?

> Option 1: one day with Marenthe

Saturday April 13, 2019
10.00 - 16.00
Villa Augustus, Dordrecht

  • Standard: 177

  • Fee for students from previous courses: 157

> Option 2: two days with Marenthe

Saturday April 13, 2019
10.00 - 16.00
Villa Augustus, Dordrecht

Sunday April 14, 2019
10.00 - 17.00
Marenthe’s atelier, The Hague

  • Standard: 277

  • Fee for students from previous courses: 257

Booking will close on April 10, 11:59 PM (or sooner, once the classes are full)

Prices are in euros, including 21% VAT, materials, tea & coffee. Lunch is not included. We will have lunch on Saturday at Villa Augustus and Sunday in The Hague (optional, the costs for lunch are around 12 euros).

Are you an independent entrepreneur? Then these are training costs and tax deductible.
Are you a salaried employee? Consult your employer as to whether they can deduct these costs.>

Prepare for massive relief and inner joy

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Who is this for?  

For beginning and advanced artistic adventurers and curious creators who want to (re)discover their artistic qualities.
Don’t worry if you’re not a professional with a master’s degree – that’s not a condition!

How many places are available?  

On Saturday, 15, on Sunday, 8.

What are we going to do?   

Did you use your school timetable as a playground instead of a homework planner? I did. The look of my timetable was of vital importance. I drew, pasted, stickered, killed and dabbed the boring book into a museum-like work of art. In addition, I wrote about my doubts, fantasies, heartbreaks and anxieties in a diary. It gave me peace, freedom and direction. I created my own play heaven where I could experiment and explore in a casual way. That was the beginning of my art journal journey.

What is art journaling?

For some, it’s a way to collect ideas. For others, it is a comfort zone where you research feelings or escape from stress. You develop creativity, playfully push your limits and create joy and confidence.

Combining art journaling with writing can be a pleasant way to express emotions without trying to solve them. You just write. And because you combine it with art, you get out of your head and experience satisfaction, space and peace.

  1. Where do you start and how do you handle it?

  2. Where do you find inspiration and how can you use it?

  3. How do you find your own style?

  4. What kind of techniques are out there and which technique suits me?

  5. What materials do you need?

  6. How do you combine drawing, painting, lettering and collage techniques in one?

    You’ll receive answers to these questions during The Art Beat Weekend Lab.

Included are: 

  1. A snail mail gift before The Art Beat Weekend Lab starts  

  2. Lots of fun with Marenthe and other daredevils in an inspiring environment  

  3. A vintage art journal in which you'll create, play and paint 

  4. Coffee, tea & sweets

  5. You’ll go home as a happy egg

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I'm not an experienced artist. Is that a problem? 

YESSS. Art journaling is for all levels and abilities. It's not about being the best. Or the worst. Or the smallest. Or the most afraid. Eighty percent of success is just showing up. Everyone can play, explore and discover at his or her own pace.

Help! I have a fear of failure. 

When you’re ready to jump, your courage grows. Weren’t you a daredevil as a child? We'll jump together and your day will be gorgeous. I want you to feel happy and safe. And if you don’t have fun? I’ll eat my hat – or put my brush in the fire.

I haven’t drawn or painted for ten years.

Doesn’t matter. You also never forget how to cycle.

Can I cancel?  

Yes. You can cancel free of charge within 14 days after registration. In that case, the paid fee will be refunded in full unless this falls on or after March 27th. No refunds will be given after this date.  

Are children welcome?  

Everyone between 17 and 99 is welcome to attend.  

No guts, no story.


Step 1: click the red button and subscribe
Step 2: click the black button and pay with iDeal, Paypal or credit card (unless you’ve chosen payment by bank, then you’ll receive an invoice by email).