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Marenthe's story

From serious to frivolous, the sublime to the ridiculous, Marenthe's work is steeped in carefully crafted contrasts. Her responsive, fresh and vibrant images attract attention and acclaim.

While she takes everything she does seriously, Marenthe can't help making it fun by injecting some healthy humor into her artwork. It makes her images accessible and understandable to any audience.

Marenthe uses an array of techniques which constantly juxtapose and balance digital with traditional to create intriguing depth in her visuals. She seamlessly integrates text and fonts to give enhanced impact and meaning to your message.

Want something sweet, smart, fun and fast? Marenthe likes deadlines and she is used to them. Believe her when she says she will deliver and she'll be honest and let you know if a project is not right for her.

Big clients and big projects are welcome too; Marenthe has a network of talented professionals she likes to work with to ensure that she delivers not only a highly creative response but also a consistent quality of artwork.

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If you've worked with Marenthe in the past, you probably enjoyed it, so why not ask for more? She will be delighted to develop more artwork in a similar vein, or something completely different.

If you don't know Marenthe, you'll quickly learn that nurturing a fantastic working relationship is at the heart of her work ethic. Getting to know you won’t delay the work and won’t cost more. Marenthe will make the experience fun and beautiful.

Marenthe loves new creative challenges. Whether it be concept generation, one-off illustration or art direction, Marenthe ensures she fully understands what you want. She reads carefully within and between the lines of your brief to find the essence of what you are looking for.  


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